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300 Click for offerBack to the Future will soon take the stage as a musical. The cameras are all new and now include an ultra-wide lens -- for Apple's claim of a 4x zoom range -- with edge-to-edge focus pixels, and Apple's improved its image processing. Apple was also very proud of its new Deep Fusion technology, which drives its improved Smart HDR multishot mode. It starts at 9, and the larger 11 Pro Max starts at ,099. Preorders begin Friday and ship on Sept. 20.

Uruguay manager at half time: "Lloris is a great goalie, be more like him."Muslera: "Loris. Got it." The story splinters as the conflict between humans and fairiefolk divides and defines every strata of society, from the grubby bordellos to the corridors of power. At the bottom, Bloom's dogged detective chews on a series of grisly murders, while at the very top Chernobyl and Mad Men star Jared Harris is losing his grip on the city. But of course, murderers and ministers are entwined in their own twisted way.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKELater that day, two men asked Ms. Glover what had happened, then smirked and walked away. “I was a joke to them,” she said. Regardless of who he was, he wrestled a mean croc judging by the photos I saw on the walls. Thousands now flock to his nest to see the weird tchotchkes left on dusty shelves, the underwear pinned to the ceiling, and the rooms where the wild pilot Jedediah lived in Beyond Thunderdome.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThe application also involves a specific font version of the word Kimono — a sort of bubbly print created, she has said, by her husband, Kanye West — as opposed to the general word itself. The forest isn't the only thing that's being reborn. Since their devastating first contact nearly half a century ago, the Surui have been slowly rebuilding their population. Today they have about 1,400 members.

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Quite how this all came together we don’t yet know. But whatever the back story, it’s an incredible turn of events for Mr. Neumann. Or as Matt Levine of Bloomberg Opinion so beautifully put it: NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports app will have livestreams of the British Open, but you will need to log in with a pay TV account. If you don't have a pay TV subscription, you can livestream the race with a live-TV streaming service. All of the services listed below carry a live, local feed of NBC, but not all of them necessarily carry it in your area. See the information on each service below for details.

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Its increasing presence is part of the “Mainlandization” that the Hong Kong protesters are fighting. "There are few things that get you battery savings for 'free,'" Samat said. "Lighting up fewer OLED pixels will get you farther in the day."

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David and I tried counseling, but, for me, any small bits of traction we gained each time were gone by the following day. After one particularly clarifying realization that our efforts were futile, I let go of the fantasy of staying together just so our son could have two parents in one home, and instead I focused on a plan for the dissolution of our relationship. This year the UFC entered a new partnership with ESPN. That's great news for the UFC and the expansion of the sport of MMA, bad news for consumer choice.

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Trump says he did nothing wrong and has called the inquiry a “kangaroo court.” #ActForTheAmazon began trending on Twitter and protests began last week. In Zurich, activists from the Klimastreik Ecological Movement and Brazilians assembled outside of the Brazilian Consulate on Aug. 23. In Dublin, the Extinction Rebellion Collective occupied the Brazilian Embassy. Twitter users captured images of a protest in Barcelona as well. Demonstrations have also taken place in Paris, London, Madrid and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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